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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Christin Lindholm

Associate professor, Education Program Leader for the Bachelor programmes of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with Automation and Excellent Teaching Practitioner (ETP)



Research interest

My research interest lies in the field of Software Process Qualityand my special interest is software risk management and usability. I am especially passionate about software risk management and usability within the medical device domain.

In the medical device domain we have the treated patients and the users of the medical devices to consider andit is an inevitable fact that human beings make mistakes and faults. Therefore is my research focusing on including the users in the risk management process of medical device development. The aim is to lower the risks of human errors.

The underlying assumption of my research is that the quality of the process impacts the quality of the final software product.



Tel: 042 - 35 67 46

Adress: Universitetsplatsen 2, Helsingborg
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Postadress: Box 882, 251 08 Helsingborg

Kontor: C632