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EDAA25 - C Programming


  • Contact Jonas if you need the link to calendly for booking an oral exam.


  • Hint on reading numbers for RPN assignment. Note that the type where the read character is saved should not be char! No malloc/calloc is needed for RPN.


  • Reading advice for pre-2020 book is here

  • Reading advice for 2020 is here.

  • The Unix terminal including how to install the Ubuntu subsystem on Windows 10.


    To install a C compiler on macOS, use xcode-select from a terminal


    To install a C compiler on Linux, please google since it differs between distribution.

  • The course will be given online. No physical lectures or office hours. I will upload video clips.
  • Course responsible: Jonas Skeppstedt
  • Literature: Jonas Skeppstedt/Christian Söderberg: Writing Efficient C Code available at Amazon
  • When you need help in the course, you should use Jonas' office hours, which are 12.30 - 13.00 every week day during the course.
  • Note that you are not permitted to write the exam before you have passed all three assignments. 



  • For lectures on youtube, see odd lectures numbers for EDAF15 Algimp.

Programming assignments

The three programming assignments are compulsory and this year the only deadlines are for the competition but you need to have passed them before taking the oral exam.


AssignmentDeadline for the competitionExercise in the book
rpn31/5 at 23.591.5
word31/5 at 23.591.8
poly31/5 at 23.59 1.7