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This course includes some practical exercises and examples using the programming language Clojure, a language similar to Lisp, running on top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The purpose is to give you some hands-on experience with some of the concepts we talk about in the course, and also to expose you to a different kind of programming language.

Download and install Clojure

I will use Leiningen and Nightcode throughout the course.

Leiningen is a pretty easy-to-install distribution of Clojure. Get it here.


If you have never used Clojure, I recommend working through the very nice tutorial by Kyle Kingsbury, which you find here. The first seminar will include a short introduction to Clojure, where I will use material from Kyle's tutorial. If you want to prepare using this tutorial, you should work through the following parts:

  1. Welcome. All of this.
  2. Basic types. All of this, too.
  3. Functions. Except "How does type work", we won't need this in this course.

Other material, including other tutorials, you can find here.

Other resources

One thing I personally find absolutely indispensable is a cheat sheet for all the things one just cannot remember. This is a pretty good one.

Clojure Doc is a collection of, you guessed it, documentation on Clojure and just about everything under the sun related to Clojure. This includes additional tutorials, but also API documentation, stuff about tools, etc.




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