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Re-take exam on 2020-08-18:

The exam will be take-home, which means I will send everybody a PDF containing the question papers at the scheduled time (0800h), and will expect a PDF back before then end of the allocated time slot (1300h by default, an agreed-upon time later if you have contacted me regarding special pedagogical support, plus 15min grace period to create and email the PDF).

Make sure you can create a PDF from your answer papers, using a tool like Office Lens, for example. Do not send me images, and make sure you attach the PDF to your email --- do not send me links to a file hosted somewhere else etc.

What you can use during the exam

The course material, any other text, previous exams and solutions, exercises, any printed material, videos (as long as they were recorded before the exam) electronic texts etc.

What you cannot use

During the exam, you may not solicit, accept, use, or otherwise benefit from the help of another person provided during the exam (as opposed to help you might have received practicing for the exam beforehand, which is of course perfectly fine). The only person you may interact with about the exam while it is in progress is the examiner.

Exam & Solution

exam solution

Past exams 

You will find most of the relevant material from past exams compiled into the exercises. The reason is that these are arranged by lecture topic, so you can work on them as you go along, whereas exams cover all the material. However, if you want to take a look at what an exam could look like, here are some of them.

2016 VT2

exam 1   solution

exam 2   solution

2017 VT2

exam 1   solution

exam 2   solution

2018 VT2

exam 1   solution

exam 2   solution

2019 VT2

exam 1   solution

2020 VT2

exam 1   solution

2019 Exercises

... as a ZIP file

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