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Course Schedule

This is the preliminary schedule for the course, which will be updated as we go along. In addition to the lectures, you are expected to read and understand the reading material specified.
The exercises are intended to help you check your understanding of the material. I also specify those parts of the book, including the associated exercises, which will be skipped in this course.


Labs will be scheduled online on Zoom (meeting IDs forthcoming). The time slots are as follows:

Groups A-C: Monday 1500-1700

Groups D-F: Tuesday 1000-1200


weektopiconline Q&Alabsfurther reading
131. SetsMo 1000
Fr 1300

SLAM Chap. 1

On that 0.999... business: :-)




2. Relations

3. Functions

Mo 1000
Tu 1000
Fr 1300

SLAM Chaps. 2 & 3

154. InfinityMo 1000
Th 1000

"How big is infinity?" (Dennis Wildfogel)

Section 8.1 of "Mathematics for Computer Science" (Lehman, Leighton, Meyer)

"Abstract Set Theory" (A A Fraenkel)

185. Induction and recursionMo 1000
We 1000
Lab 1SLAM Chap. 4, also Sect. 2.7.2
196. Graphs and treesMo 1000
Fr 1300

Lab 2

SLAM Chap. 7
207. LogicMo 1000
Fr 1300
Lab 3SLAM Chap. 8
21Mo 1000
We 1000
Lab 4
Square Sum Problem
(video, Numberphile)

SLAM Chap. 9

Not the same thing as Hamiltonian paths: Eulerian paths (and what they have to do with Königsberg, video, TED-ed)

... and on Numberphile

22Mo 1000
Th 1300

Lab 5
Huffman trees (video, Carleton Moore)

"Book of Proof", part II

beautiful proofs by contradiction (Mathologer)

David A. Huffman, "A Method for the Construction of Minimum-Redundancy Codes", Proceedings of the I.R.E., 1952

2018 Slides

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