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EDAF15 Algorithm Implementation


  • Contact Jonas if you need the link for booking an oral exam at calendly. 
  • machine.c and fac.s from lecture 4.
  • No, the detailed references are put in the youtube playlists.
  • I will update the lecture page (to the left) with more detailed references to the book.
  • The Unix terminal including how to install the Ubuntu subsystem on Windows 10.
  • Video by Patrik Persson about how to login in to Zoom app for students. Zoom will be used for labs and office hours.
  • Jonas' zoom id at the university.
  • The course will be given online. No physical lectures, labs or office hours. I will upload video clips.
  • You can sign up for a lab group now. Please do it at the same time as your planned lab partner.
  • This year there is a new project and the labs will teach the same topics as previous years but in the context of the project, which is to implement an integer linear program solver (simplex and branch and bound).
  • You will learn the C programming language, enough computer architecture to understand how to exploit a modern machine to make your programs fast, and a methodology to improve the speed of your C programs.
  • The course literature is Writing Efficient C Code and is available from Amazon.