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Exercise 1

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Basic C++: implement a class, allocate objects, write a function.   exercise1.tar.gz  sol-exercise1.tar.gz 
  1. A class Date describes a date with year, month, and day. Your task is to implement the member functions, one of the constructors and a function to compute the number of days between two dates. The constructor that creates a Date object representing the current date is already implemented (read about the C functions for date and time handling in the man pages for localtime, if you're interested). You may ignore leap years in the next() function, if you wish.

    Files: date.h, (to be completed by you), (test program).

    Compile, link and execute with the commands:
     make datetest  
    The command make without an argument builds (compiles and links) all the programs in this exercise.

  2. The class Point describes a point in the plane. The program allocates a point object in different ways. Study the program and make sure that you understand the different alternatives.

  3. Study the program Try to predict the output from the program, then run the program and check your prediction.

  4. A palindrome is a word that reads the same both forwards and backwards. Examples: anna, amanaplanacanalpanama. Write a function that takes a string as parameter and returns true if the word is a palindrome, false otherwise. Also write a program that reads words from the terminal and checks whether they are palindromes. Modify the makefile to build the program.