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Exercise 2

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  1. Run the program -- it illustrates what happens upon memory-related execution errors. Some errors are detected, some are not. In a larger program, the undetected errors would probably lead to catastrophic errors much later during the execution. Run again, under control of Valgrind (see lab 1).

  2. Morse code is a method of transmitting text information as a series of short and long signals ('dots' and 'dashes'). For example, the letter 'a' is coded as '.–', 'b' as '–...', and so on. We ignore spaces between words. Implement the class MorseCode, test with The file morsecode.def contains the morse code definitions of the letters a–z. Characters outside this range should be ignored. Hint: in decode(), use an istringstream to read morse codes from the code string.

  3. Editors for program text usually help with matching of parentheses: when you type a ), ] or } the editor highlights the corresponding left parenthesis. Example (... is a sequence of characters except parentheses):
                   |---|           |---|
    Implement the function find_left_par in the class Editor, test with