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Exercise 5

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  1. The class Text represents texts that have several lines. The class has no constructor, no destructor, no copy constructor and no assignment operator. Are these functions not necessary? Supply the class with an iterator so the program in functions correctly. You must make additions to the class, but you may not change the representation of the text.

  2. The program in gives a lot of compilation errors. What is the cause of the errors? Fix the program.

  3. Modify the program in so it functions as described in the comments.

  4. When you wish to store values that are identified by keys you usually would use a map. A map has logarithmic time complexity for insertions, deletions and searches and  is normally implemented with a binary search tree. This has some drawbacks -- for example, a map iterator is complex (it must traverse a tree), and the nodes in the tree need space for pointers to children and parent.

    Many applications that use a map are of the type "insert values at the start, then search many times." Then, it would be better to use a sorted vector to store the values (the insertions will be slower but searching will be faster, and the values will occupy less space).

    Write a class AV (for Associative Vector) that functions as a std::map but stores the values in a sorted vector. Binary search should be used for all searches (there are binary search algorithms in the standard library). You only need to implement the constructs that are used in