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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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The slides that I show during the lectures will appear below as the course proceeds. 

The lectures are on Mondays, 10–12, MA:4, and Thursdays, 8–10, V:B.

The lectures will follow the order of the overhead slides, which is basically the chapter ordering of Lippman's book. See the table below for more detailed reading instructions. These are from last year's course, and will be updated after each lecture.

References of the type oh:xxx are to the overhead slides (but the numbering for old lectures are for last year's slides), L5:xxx to Lippman fifth edition. 

Date Subject Read 


oh: 1–18 (download slides)
L5: 1
19/1 Introduction cont'd, types, expressions, and such oh: 19–41 (download slides)
L5: 2.1–2.4, 3.1, 12.1.2, 12.1.5
23/1 More types, strings & vectors, iterators, arrays oh: 42–62 (download slides)
L5: 2.5, 3.2–3.5
26/1Expressions, statements, functions oh: 63–86 (download slides)
L5: 4.1–6.3
30/1Classesoh: 87–112 (download slides)
L5: 6.4–7.6, 12.1–12.2
6/2 Copying and movingoh: 113–140 (download slides)
L5: 13.1–13.3, 13.5–13.6
9/2 Function templates, operator overloadingoh: 197-207 (download slides)
oh: 146–162 (download slides)
L5: 14.1–14.7
13/2Class templates, iteratorsoh: 208-237 (download slides)
L5: 16.1, 16.2 (not all details), 16.5, 3.4, 9.2.1–9.2.3, 10.4-10.5.1
16/2 Function objects, algorithmsoh: 170-171 (download slides)
oh: 238-257 (download slides)
L5: 10.1-10.3, 10.5.2-10.6, 14.8, Appendix A.2
20/2 Inheritenceoh: 175-196 (download slides)
L5: 15.1-15.7
23/2 Container classes + loose endsoh: 258–281 (download slides)
L5: 9.1–9.6, 11.1–11.4
27/2 About the exam and about the project I will solve most of the following old exam: 110308solutions.

Last years (2016) slides are available here