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An assortment of (hopefully) interesting web pages.

Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of C++ and the greatest C++ guru  Bjarne's homepage. A number of good documents, for example C++ Style and Technique FAQ.  
On the web: C++ books, introductions, magazines, FAQ's  From Bruce Eckel's Mindview Inc. you can download free C++ (and Java) books, for example Thinking in C++.  
University of Wisconsin: C++ tutorial for Java programmers (rather trivial and tiresome).  
TutorGig  has lists of language introductions, also C++.  
Dr. Dobb's Journal sometimes has good C++ articles. has lots of information.
C++ FAQ Lite.  C++ Style and Technique FAQ (Stroustrup).
Real printed books. Read user reviews on Amazon or on wiki.  Scott Meyers has written three very good books (Effective C++, More Effective C++, Effective STL). I haven't read his latest, Effective Modern C++, but I expect that it is equally good.

C++ compilers. We cannot advise on choosing or help with installation of compilers.Compiler lists from Bruce  
STL, C++ and C library documentation. references: and
About the C library: also try the manpages.  
Obfuscated C  The obfuscated Twelve Days of Christmas program shown at the first lecture: poem.c. Compile and link with gcc -o poem poem.c, run with ./poem. Also see: Reverse Engineering the Twelve Days of Christmas.