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C++ Programming 2022


24/8:  Exam marked

Grade statistics:

440 %
340 %
-20 % 

an email with details about the marking has been sent to all students, and the grades should be in LADOK shortly.

31/3: Exam marked

Grade statistics:

519,6 %
433,3 %
329,4 %
-17,6 % 

an email with details about the marking will be sent to all students shortly.

15/3: Clarification about the exam / Förtydligande om tentan

The exam will be a pen-and-paper exam on-campus (at Victoriastadion, see the schedule).
You may bring one book about C++ to the exam, but no other papers with notes or printouts (of e.g. the lecture slides or of an ebook).
The book you bring may contain "such notes one normally makes when reading a book".                                                                                                                                                      
Tentamen kommer att vara en papper-och-penna-skrivning i sal (på Victoriastadion, se schemat).
Tillåtet hjälpmedel är en bok om C++, men inga andra papper med anteckningar eller utskrifter (av t ex föreläsningsbilder eller en ebok).
Boken får innehålla "sådana anteckningar man normalt gör när man läser en bok". 

9/2: Late change: The lectures this week will be on-line. There is a link to the zoom lecture room in Canvas.

8/2: Starting this week, the lectures will again be held on campus, as in the schedule.


Lab sign-up opened.
Course plan published.

Lecture slides for today's lecture published on the Lectures page
Lab assignments published on the Computer Labs page


The course starts with a lecture on January 19th.

Canvas will be used in this course. Please note that you have to be registered in LADOK for this year's course to get access to Canvas. 

Facts about the course

Credits: 7,5 hp 

Study period: period 3 (and project in period 4) 2022

Prerequisites: EDAA01 Programming — Second Course 

Course coordinator: Sven Gestegård Robertz

Literature: Lippman or Stroustrup.

Official syllabus: In English and in Swedish.

Schedule (TimeEdit): Click here

Course plan: Published here and handed out during first lecture. 

Course plan:  Click here! 

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