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Modern C++

A New Standard

In 2011 the new C++ standard was accepted, after many years' work. Information about the standard:

The home of standard
A good
Bjarne Stroustrup's C++11
A nice


After C++-11, three newer versions of the standards have been accepted:

  • C++-14, which is mostly a "bug fix" to C++11, correcting mistakes and omissions,
  • C++17, which adds features to both the core language and the standard library, and
  • C++20 which contains further additions to both the language and library, notably  concepts which is something like a meta-type system for templates aimed at improving readability of code and error messages.

Compiling C++11

The recommended compiler in the course is g++, the GNU C++ compiler, or clang++ from the LLVM project.  The student computers have both installed. To use the C++11 features you must give the option -std=c++11 on the command line.

Both compilers are C++11-feature complete. You can check the status on standard support for different compiler versions att  and