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Computer Graphics

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3D graphics is the subject concerned with how images can be generated from abstract descriptions of objects. Representations of three-dimensional geometry should be projected to a two-dimensional plane and by simulating the interaction between light and matter the object surfaces can be realistically shaded. With moving images it is also necessary to control how objects move and change appearance over time. And when building interactive virtual worlds, objects must also be able to respond to external events.

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We will use a Discord channel for Notifications from teachers, news in general regarding the course, and Q&A on assignments, and any other topics. Contact the course coordinator for details.

Course plan.
Computer Science Department rules about group work and plagiarism.

Course facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Study period: HT1

Programming (first course)
Linear Algebra

Michael Doggett, Lecturer. 

Teaching Assistants
Rikard Olajos, Michail Boulasikis, Niklas Sandén