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EDAN30 - Photorealistic Computer Graphics

This course has been discontinued.

This course covers ray tracing, path tracing, acceleration structures, and photon mapping. Students will write their own ray tracer in C++ during the 4 lab exercises and spend the 5th week extending their ray tracer. We will also look into recent research in the area of realistic rendering.


  • EDA221 Computer Graphics


Michael Doggett (mike at, lecturer and course contact.
Magnus Andersson, Teaching assistant.
Rasmus Barringer, Teaching assistant.

Course overlap with EDA101 Advanced Shading and Rendering

If you have already done EDA101 and would like to do this course, you can do this course for fewer credits, due to some overlap between the courses. You will only get 4.5 credits for EDAN30 if you have already taken EDA101. For the 4.5 credits you will be required to complete all 5 labs and pass the exam.

Computer Science Department rules about group work and plagiarism.

Course plan.