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EDAN35 - High Performance Computer Graphics


This course is about generating 3D graphics for interactive applications using custom graphics hardware such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). We will cover how a GPU works and how to program a GPU for applications such as games from mobile platforms right up to high end graphics from Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

This course will be given in English.

EDAF80 (or EDA221) Computer Graphics

If you have already done EDA075 Mobile Graphics, you cannot get credit points for EDAN35.

Michael Doggett  (mike at, lecturer and course contact.
Rikard Olajos, Teaching assistant.

Part of the course will include a project where students create a 3D application using a C++ Framework called 'Bonobo' which can be run on high end 3D graphics cards.

The re-exam will be on 2024-08-26, Monday, 14:00-19:00, in E:2116.

EDAN35 exam from 2015-01-13
EDAN35 exam from 2010-12-16

Old exams from EDA075 Mobile Graphics are below. The questions that are on topics that appear in EDAN35 will be similar. Questions directly relating to Mobile Graphics or OpenGL ES will not be on the exam.

Computer Science Department rules about group work and plagiarism.

Course plan.