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AI projects VT2013

The final seminar has been held on Friday, May 24th, 9.15-11.30 in E:1426.


The following projects have been presented:

  1. Anton Risberg Alaküla, Karl Hedin (Supervised by Håkan Jonsson, Sony Mobile): Automatic extraction of local events from web sites
  2. Christopher Käck, Robin Leussier: Question classification in a question answering system
  3. Rebecka Weegar, Juri Pyykkö: Passage retrieval in a question answering system
  4. Alexander Wallin, Christian Lindgren: Automatic extraction of common-sense rules from a large corpus
  5. Adam Wamai Egesa, Max Åkesson, Adaptive intelligent user interface
  6. Jonatan Ferm, Ludwig Jacobsson, Genetic programming
  7. Peiyang Shi, Christoffer Stengren, Simulation of robot behaviour using modern robot control environment (ROS)
  8. Henrik Gyllensvärd, Max Leander, Localization and mapping of a NAO robot
  9. Marc Züst, Jonas Öman, An implementation and evaluation of random forest classification