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AI projects VT2014

The final seminar has been held on Friday, May 23rd.

The following projects have been presented:

  1. Johan Andersson, Evolution of walking, movie
  2. Duncan Sommer, Silas Pedrosa, Entity linking (supervised by Pierre Nugues)
  3. Zuyao Li, Juan Gabriel Martinez, Transplantation (supervised by Pierre Nugues)
  4. Axel Goteman, Björn Linse, Adaptive user interface
  5. James Hall, Hannes Johansson, Sports game result prediction
  6. Linus Hammarlund, Poker AI
  7. Anders Tilly, Jonatan Wede, A chess player
  8. Johan Nisula, Christian Frid, Game AI (for StarCraft BWAPI)
  9. Bjarni Birgisson, Kristina Gamm, Generic game player for GDL
  10. Hampus Mauritzon, Marcus Kristersson, NL scene descriptions (supervised by Maj Stenmark)
  11. Luis Miglietti, Eduardo Quinones, Robot action planning and execution.