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AI Projects VT2022

The presentations held on Wednesday, May 25th:

1. (10:15) Joel Bäcker, Evelina Danielsson and Cecilia Huang
Protein similarity scoring
2. (10:30) Diego Figueroa and Theodora Gaiceanu
Protein folding 
3. (10:45) Nhât Tuân Pham Huu
Automated Behaviour Analysis of Rats
4. (11:00) Leo Westerberg and Marisa Wodrich
Image Analysis for High-Throughput Microscopy Screening
5. (11:15) Nils Broman
Biomedical relation extraction with deep neural networks
6. (11:30) Yamen Albdeiwi
Generating Critical Driving Scenarios using Optimization to test Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS) 
7. (13:15) Andreas Olsson and Frans Sjöström
AlphaZero on Connect4: Training with MCTS from scratch on High Performance Computer
8: (13:30) Elias Sandin Koutsogiannakis
AlphaZero on Connect4: Neural Network Architecture Study
9. (13:45) Weizhong Tang
Automatically Tagging Articles from PubMed with MeSH Terms
10. (14:00) Filip Jergle Almquist and Edvin Jönsson
Swedish rhyme generation
11. (14:15) Gustav Jönemo
Exploratory analysis of health data

The presentations held on Friday, June 3rd:

12. (16:15) Victor Winkelmann and Hannes Östergren
Sign Language Recognition with Standard Laptop Webcams
13. (16:30) Ahmed Elsiddieg Abdulaziz Abdalla
Functional Safety of Autonomous Driving Robot: An analysis of safety in Simulation vs Reality