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AI Projects VT2023

The presentations held on Friday, May 26th.

1. (13:15-13:30) Zhao Ruoyi (supervision Andreas Heuer)
      AI-guided Analysis of Behavioural Phenotypes

2. (13:30-13:45) Jacob Krucinsky (supervision Sonja Aits)
      Natural Language Processing Relation Extraction in Biomedical Literature

3. (13:45-14:00) Axel Ahlin  + Alfred Myrne Blåder (supervision Pierre Nugues)
      Geographic visualization of a Swedish encyclopedia with a classifier based approach

4. (14:00-14:15) Wilmer Ansgariusson (supervision Dennis Medved and Johan Nilsson)
      Predicting survivability of waiting heart transplant patients

5. (14:15-14:30) Adi Creson + David Bergkvist (supervision Dennis Medved and Johan Nilsson)
      Time to transplantation - An AI appraoch to predicting time to transplantation in HT queues

6. (14:30-14:45) Daniel Dahlén + William Mauritzon (supervision Dennis Medved and Johan Nilsson)
      Prediction of One-Year Survival after Heart Transplantation

7. (14:45-15:00) Sofia Boselli Graf + Maria Esther Colmenar Lamas (supervision Marcus Klang)
       Day prediction and anomaly detection

8. (15:00-15:15) Domingo Carvajal Álvarez (supervision Marcus Klang)
      Anomaly Detection in a time series

9. (15:15-15:30) Ondřej Kafka (supervision Marcus Klang)
      Roofplan Polygon Extraction from High-resolution Aerial Images.

10. (15:30-15:45) Victor Schack + Gustav Tindberg (supervision Marcus Klang)
      Working posture analysis: CNNs for classifying working posture using a simple webcam

11. (15:45-16:00) Josefin Wetterstrand + Blenda Öhman (supervision Masoumeh Taromirad)
      Eclipse Plugin for Potential Failure Analysis.