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Projects in Multicore Programming

The projects are all about parallelizing an algorithm or data structure from Programmering FK, EDAA01, or Algorithms, data structures and complexity, EDAF05:

  • Parallel breadth-first search: Emil Bengtsson
  • Parallel Quicksort: Felix Lundström
  • Parallel hash tables: Lukas Forsberg & Edvin Andersson.
  • Parallel computational fluid dynamics: Martin Karp
  • Parallel version of your favorite other algorithm or data structure

The project will be done in groups of one or two students as follows:

  1. Read papers about a proposed algorithm 
  2. Implement it in steps from  sequential, basic parallel, to faster parallel
  3. While implementing your algorithms, reflect on what is complicated to make correct and efficient
  4. Evaluate it in terms of load balancing and scalability e.g. using from 1 to 80 threads on POWER8. If you prefer to use your own computer with a GPU then that is also fine.
  5. Investigate to what extent transactional memory or atomic variable are suitable to use
  6. Write a report with your findings
  7. Make a presentation

Presentations on December 19, at 9-12 in E:2405.

  • Emil Bengtsson: Parallel breadth-first search
  • Lukas Forsberg and Edvin Andersson: Parallel hash table
  • Martin Jacobsson: Parallel sorting: Swapsort
  • Martin Karp: Parallel computational fluid dynamics
  • Felix Lundström: Parallel Quicksort
  • Daniel Regefalk and Pontus Olsson: Indoor localisation based on WiFi signal signatures and Deep Learning
  • Erik Samuelsson: title to be decided
  • Jonathan Strandberg: title to be decided