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Projects in Optimizing Compilers

  • Project suggestions are here
  • Note you can suggest your own project as well
  • Up to two groups may select the same project
  • A group should be one or two persons

Selected Projects

  • Joachim Wedin: Minimum-cut speculative SSAPRE in vcc
  • Haochen Liu and Erik Olsson: LLVM optimization passes ordering
  • Emil Hammarström and Markus Åkesson: Dominance-based code duplication in LLVM
  • Henrik Olsson and Jonathan Strandberg: Dominance-based code duplication in LLVM
  • Erik Samuelsson: Linear scan register allocation on SSA form
  • Alexander Hansson: Coloring-based coalescing in vcc
  • Daniel Eriksson and Lasse Heemann: industrial project with Packet Architects AB


Contact Jonas Skeppstedt for details.