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Lab (programming) assignments

Lab assignments

The lab assignments will show up under the respective links to the left during the course.

Please note: As a default, you will need to present your solution to each lab assignment together with your lab partner during the lab session you will have signed up for during the first week (enrolment site will be open in due time). Exceptions to this general rule should be announced to the course responsible teacher, to find a suitable arrangement. This is simply due to the fact that we will have to make use of the lab rooms' maximum allowed capacity for every session and cannot shuffle around lab seats every week. For the examination assignments (lab sessions 3, 4, 6, and 7), you will also have to hand in a report that is produced individually.

Handing in reports:

Reports should be uploaded through the following portal: as follows:

  • Log in with your StiL ID. You will see a scroll menu with courses that you are registered to within the CS system.
  • Choose EDAN95. You will then get another menu where you can choose the assignment you want to send something in for.
  • Choose 'Assignment Y (Report Lab X)' for the respective hand-ins (ignore other entries in the list).
  • Click 'Next'. You will see your own ID as the sender ID. Ignore the option of adding a partner if it should show, reports need to be submitted individually (it should not be there, but...)
  • Click 'Next'. Type a message.
  • Choose the file (in the format as instructed by the responsible teacher) you want to upload.
  • Press 'Submit'. Done.
  • You will come to the "confirmation"-frame, but somehow, you will see "processing", even though the file should be properly submitted (depending on the workload of the portal administrator, the message might be fixed to something more sensible shortly). 


We have six course assistants (TAs), that share the workload between them. If you want to reach any of them, here are their contact details:

Alexander Duerr: alexander.durr (at)

Dennis Medved: dennis.medved (at)

Erik Gärtner: erik.gartner (at)

Hampus Åström: hampus.astrom (at)

Marcus Klang: marcus.klang (at)

Matthias Mayr: matthias.mayr (at)

Note that not all of them will be prepared for all questions, but it should be fine to contact any of them for any matter - they should be able to point you in the right direction.