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EDAN96 Applied Machine Learning (was EDAN95)

Welcome on the website for EDAN96, Applied Machine Learning.

This course used to have the course code EDAN95, and the graduate version still goes as EDAN95F.

The course has moved to Canvas.

General information and the syllabus for 2022 can be found here. Adjustments of the content / syllabus for 2023 will be made public soon, also in Canvas here.

Access to course material and links to lectures are subject to agreement with the course teachers. Contact the course responsible for more information. You can probably find some older material on the former course homepage for EDAN95 here.

News and information will in general be placed here in reversed chronological order, i.e., new items on top. 

Registration information:

2023-09-19: LADOK is still open for tentative registration (anmälan) to the course until September 26th. Note that prospective participants will be evaluated against two criteria before being admitted: You need to have fulfilled the prerequisites (see official course plan here) and you will then be ranked according to the number of credits you have been granted within the program you are applying through, including credited (tillgodoräknade) credit-pointsCut-off date for credits to be taken into account is Tuesday, October 3rd. Only credits formally registered in LADOK by that date will be considered. For HT2022, all interested students could in the end be acccepted into the course, but there is no guarantee that this can be repeated this year. Note also, that this course has been very different from other courses regarding rules for registration and for what to do to keep an offered seat, due to the high interest clashing with limited capacities. Once pre-registered, monitor your e-mail including the spam-folder!

If you want to re-register (omregistrera) to finish pending parts of the course / retake the entire course, contact administration for the formal registration and the course responsibles (Maj Stenmark and Elin A. Topp) personally. Your seat is safe, but we need you on the list ;-)

To avoid surprises and unnecessary work load for you or me shortly before the course starts in late October, please check the official course plan for the criteria against your prerequisites. THANKS!

Information for PhD students:

2023-09-19: As announced in LTH's list of available graduate courses, the deadline for applying to the course has passed. If you learned about the course only now, you can still contact me and I will let you know what the situation actually is.

General policy for course sessions:

2023-09-19: Following the general university policy, lectures will be held on campus, however, we will most likely adopt a hybrid solution for contact with TAs in office hours, as well as exercise / lab sessions, which will then be handled partly in Discord in addition to physical meetings in the computer labs. We will use Canvas as the overall course platform to distribute information and course material as well as to give you a platform for discussion with teachers and peers. 


Course Facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Course code: EDAN96 (changed from EDAN95)

Study period: HT2 2022

Schedule (Time Edit): here

Course responsible:
Elin Anna Topp

Student representatives:

Formal course description from KA: Swedish or English.