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EDAP20 - Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Welcome on the website for EDAP20,  Intelligent Autonomous Systems, HT-1, 2022.

In this course we have only space for 30 students.

If you have applied for the course and got selected, please make sure to register for the course in LADOC.

You will then get access to the appropriate pages in CANVAS.


If you are a PhD student and you want to take the course, please contact the course coordinator.

Is it a great idea to do the applied robotics course FRTF20 in parallel.

In this course you will experiment with our robots HERON and SPOT.



Page Manager: Volker Krueger

Course Facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Course code: EDAP20

Study period: HT1 2021

Schedule (Time Edit): will be here

Course responsible:
Volker Krueger

Student representatives:

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