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PhD studies

PhD Program
The Department of Computer Science offers a 240 hp (nominally 4 years) PhD program leading to the degree Doctor of Technology. The program consists of a course part (90 hp) and a thesis part (150 hp). Normally, a PhD student also teaches 20% which means the whole program takes 5 years. It is possible to complete a half way degree called the Licentiate, which consists of a 60 hp course part and a 60 hp thesis part. 

Admission and Financial Support

Application can normally only be done in connection to an open PhD position (Sw. "doktorandtjänst"). All positions are announced at the Lund University job portal.

To apply to the program, the student should have a Master of Science in Engineering with at least 60 hp of computer science courses. For a more detailed description of the requirements, see the general information from the faculty (LTH) about PhD studies.