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Here is a list of resources for guests:


The room E:2123 is our guest room. It is accessible around the Clock. 2 workspaces.


Guests can use the wireless network eduroam, either with their own credentials from their home university or through a short term network access accounts (LUCAT) through our secretaries.


Short term guests don't get keys to the department, but if you are staying longer (months) you will get one

Access to the building:

The only way into the building when it's after houres is by access card.

Access cards:

Access to the building, and several doors at the department is gaind through the use of personal access cards. General information about the LU access card, see link.

As host, email following guest information to Ulrika or Christel:

  • Name and email
  • Personelno (for Lucat, 10 or 6 figures)
  • Organisation
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Dates of the visit




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