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Annual leave

Length of annual leave

Normally, you have the right to four weeks of consecutive annual leave in the period June–August.

The number of days of annual leave you have is determined by your age:

  • You have 28 days up to and including the year you turn 29. 
  • You have 31 days from the year you turn 30. 
  • You have 35 days from the year you turn 40.

Saving days

  • You may save 35 Days as a total.
  • If you are entitled to more than 20 days of paid annual leave for a given calendar year, you may carry over one or more of the days above this number to the following year. You can accumulate a maximum of 35 saved days. 

New employee:

  • Employed Before September 1th, You are entitled to 5 weeks leave(paid or not paid) 
  • Employed after September 1th, You are entitled to minimum 1 weeks leave (paid or not paid)

Apply for annual leave in good time. Your line manager is responsible for ensuring you take annual leave, and can both refuse an application for leave and order you to take leave. Please note that teaching staff do not need to apply for annual leave, as it is scheduled automatically. See ‘separate rules for teaching staff’ below.

Apply for annual leave in Primula Web

If you want to access Primula Web outside the university network, for example from home, you must first log in to the VPN service.

Log in via VPN service

Remember to talk to your manager before applying.

Teachers and postdocs

Annual leave for teaching staff is scheduled automatically for the summer, in a single block starting from the Monday after Midsummer. If you don’t want to take your annual leave at this time, you must reach a written agreement with your head of department well in advance.

The following categories of staff are not covered by this rule:

  • doctoral students
  • teaching assistants
  • assistants on a doctoral grant
  • clinical assistants

Doctoral students

  • Doctoral students have to apply for each leave in Primula Webb.
  • Doctoral students needs approval from the manager.
  • Doctoral students needs approval from the principal of education, during semester. 

Rules on annual leave

Before applying, remember the following:

  • Annual leave for part of the day is calculated as a whole day’s leave.
  • If you work part-time and take out leave for a day, this is calculated as a whole day’s leave. There are other additional rules for those who work part-time. Contact your payroll officer for more information. 

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