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Sick leave

Management of sick cases

The following procedures apply when reporting sickness :

  • The employee must at disease notify the personnel manager at the department , which is done by email address NOTE This is important and applies to all staff . The employee should also inform some of his closest colleagues about the absence .
  • Subscribe to this address does not result in disease reduction, but this occurs only in connection with the employee records their absence in Primula web . When you are healthy , you register your sickness assurance for sickness period in Primula web . Declaration sent via Primula web for information to the department head and the contact person at the payroll office .
  •  On rare sick days they need with hours worked per year not register the absence of Primula provided it still feels able to fulfill its total annual working hours.

Medical certificate

If you are sick for more than seven calendar days, the medical certificate submitted to the human resources manager , who then forwards it to the payroll office . PMO reporting the illness to the insurance fund for sick pay period , ie on the 15th calendar day . Extensions of medical certificates shall be continuously provided to the personnel manager and the insurance fund .

  • It is the employee 's responsibility to also get insurance fund medical certificate (original ) or electronic version . In most counties , the doctor may send the certificate electronically to the insurance fund .
  • Sick pay paid by the employer for the first 14 days and thereafter may apply for sickness benefit from the insurance fund.
  • For sick leave , notification shall be made in the Primula Web every once in a new medical certificate is obtained.

Reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs 

In some cases You may receive reimbursement of healtcare and medication costs, see link to Your right.