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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Jacek Malec's Research

I am a member of the Robotics and Semantic Systems research group, which incorporated my previous affiliation, i.e. Artificial Intelligence research group. I am interested in knowledge representation in AI, in particular in logics for AI. I am interested in autonomous agents, in particular in problems related to their design and implementation. I took part in EU-financed projects SIARAS devoted to knowledge-based reconfiguration of automation systems (2005-2008), ROSETTA (2009-2013), PRACE (2011-2014) and SMErobotics (2012-2016). Currently I take part in a H2020-financed project SARAFun (2015-2018).

My current PhD students: Maj Stenmark, and Mårten Lager.

My previous PhD students: Slawomir Nowaczyk (2008) and Man Lin (2000).