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Master Thesis Proposals

Drop me a mail, give me a call, or come by for a coffee and we can discuss more about the details! I'm open for other ideas as well of course! My main areas of interests include Requirements Engineering, Software Product Management, Business models, Open Innovation, Startups, Software Ecosystems as well as Open Source Business, Strategy and Development methodologies, including Inner Source.

* Analysis and Visualization of Company Involvement in the Open Source communities

# Requirements Engineering, Open Source, R/Python, Prototyping/Interaction design, Javascript/CSS

* Feature Clustering and Collaboration Recommendations in Open Source Issue Trackers

# Requirements Engineering, Open Source, Social Network Analysis, Data Mining, R/Python

* Requirements Engineering Practices in Open Source Companies/Startups

# Requirements Engineering, Open Source, Survey/Interviews, Literature Review, Statistics

* Open Source Licences and Requirements Engineering

# Requirements Engineering, Open Source Licences, Intellectual Property, Interviews, Literature Review

* Open Source Business Models and Requirements Engineering

# Requirements Engineering, Open Source Business Models, Survey/Interviews, Literature Review, Statistics

Ongoing Supervision of MSc Theses


Previously Supervised MSc Theses

Expanding the Concepts of Value and Costs
by Elin Blomstergren

Web-application for ReqT - Open Source Requirements Modeling Tool
by Johan Nilsson and Philip Pedersen

The Benefits of an Accessible Web: A Case Study
by Elin Bäcklund

Requirements Engineering in Startups with Open Source Software Related Business Strategies
by Billy Johansson and Martin Lichstam