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reqT is a free requirements engineering tool suitable for course projects.

Download the reqT terminal app to your own computer from here (~25M) or from GitHub.

Download the reqT cheat sheet here or from GitHub.

Download the reqT tutorial lecture in pdf here.

How to run reqT on student computers in the E-building at LTH

Terminal app with desktop GUI

You can launch reqT with this command:

java -jar /usr/local/cs/reqt/reqT.jar

To put the reqt command on your path, type this in a terminal window:

source /usr/local/cs/reqt/init-reqt

To avoid having to type the above every time you login, you can extend your path automatically by typing this command in a terminal window, and then the reqt command will be available upon next login:

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/cs/reqt/bin' >> ~/.profile

If you don't want to re-login during just now you can type source ~/.profile to get reqt on your path now.

Webapp running on localhost in Chrome web browser

cp /usr/local/cs/reqt/ .


cd reqT


And then open Chrome and enter localhost:9000 in the address field.

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