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r5raysr5chessReal-Time Multiply Recursive Reflections and Refractions using Hybrid Rendering
Per Ganestam and Michael Doggett
The Visual Computer Journal, September 2014
killerooksquadheadInteractive rendering of NURBS surfaces
Raquel Concheiroa, Margarita Amora, Emilio J. Padróna, and Michael Doggett
Computer-Aided Design Volume 56, November 2014, Pages 34–44
pigpig-skeletonAutomatic Single-View Character Model Reconstruction
Philip Buchanan, R. Mukundan and Michael Doggett
Expressive 2013 (SBIM), July 19-20 2013, Anaheim, U.S.A.
olpv-levelsolpv-columnsOctree Light Propagation Volumes
John David Olovsson and Michael Doggett
SIGRAD 13, June 13-14 2013, Norrköping, Sweden.
ShermanStructural Vectorization of Raster Images
Philip Buchanan, Michael Doggett and R. Mukundan
IVCNZ ’12, November 26 - 28 2012, Dunedin, New Zealand.
L1 Texture CacheGPU ArchitectureTexture Caches
Michael Doggett
IEEE Micro 32(3), May-June 2012. Author's version
Mount St. HelenEfficient Adaptive and Dynamic Mesh Refinement Based on a Non-recursive Strategy
M. Bóo, M. Amor, R. Concheiro, and M. Doggett
The Computer Journal, Published online 21 May 2012.
Power Efficiency for Software Algorithms running on Graphics Processors
Björn Johnsson, Per Ganestam, Michael Doggett, and Tomas Akenine-Möller
High Performance Graphics, 2012.
Transferring Characteristic Proportions to Modify the Artistic Style of Cartoons
Philip Buchanan and Michael Doggett
Computer Graphics International, June 2012, Bournemouth, UK.
Explicit Cache Management for Volume Ray-Casting on Parallel Architectures
Daniel Jönsson, Per Ganestam, Michael Doggett, Anders Ynnerman and Timo Ropinski
Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization, 2012.
cabinfairyAuto-tuning Interactive Ray Tracing using an Analytical GPU Architecture Model
Per Ganestam and Michael Doggett
GPGPU-5, 2012.
blurred HL2HW arch modifications Decoupled Sampling for Graphics Pipelines.,
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Jiawen Chen, Jaakko Lehtinen, Michael Doggett and Fredo Durand,
ACM Transactions on Graphics 30(3) (Presented at SIGGRAPH 2011)
bezier1bezier2 Dynamic and Adaptive Tessellation of Bezier surfaces.,
R. Concheiro, M. Amor, M. Bóo and M. Doggett,
International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, Portugal, March 2011
billard ballsbunny Analytical Motion Blur Rasterization using Compression,
Carl Johan Gribel, Michael Doggett, and Tomas Akenine-Moller,
High Performance Graphics, pp. 163-172, June 2010.
smoothfuncfunctions Texture Compression of Light Maps using Smooth Profile Functions,
Jim Rasmusson, Jacob Strom, Per Wennersten, Michael Doggett and Tomas Akenine-Moller,
High-Performance Graphics, pp. 143-152, June 2010.
Scientific computation for simulations on programmable graphics hardware,
Robert Strzodka, Michael Doggett, and Andreas Kolb.
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 13(8):667–680, Nov 2005
stitching A Meshing Scheme for Efficient Hardware Implementation of Butterfly Subdivision Surfaces using Displacement Mapping,
Margarita Amor, Montserrat Boo, Wolfgang Straser, Johannes Hirche, and Michael Doggett,
IEEE Computers Graphics and Applications, Vol. 25, Num. 2, March/April 2005
ray trace dmapcrater dmapHardware Accelerated Per-Pixel Displacement Mapping,
Johannes Hirche, Alexander Ehlert, Michael C. Doggett, Stefan Guthe,
Graphics Interface, London, Ontario, Canada, May 2004
VIZARDII boardneghip VIZARDII: A Reconfigurable Interactive Volume Rendering System,
M. Meißner, U. Kanus, G. Wetekam, J. Hirche, A. Ehlert, W. Straßer, M. Doggett, P. Forthmann, R. Proksa,
Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Workshop on Graphics Hardware 2002
Displacement Mapping using Scan Conversion Hardware Architectures,
Michael Doggett, Anders Kugler and Wolfgang Strasser,
Computer Graphics Forum, 2001
Hardware support for adaptive subdivision surface rendering,
M. Bo, M. Amor, M. Doggett, J. Hirche and W. Strasser,
Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Workshop on Graphics Hardware 2001.
volume rendered footspace leaping diagram Efficient Space Leaping for Ray casting Architectures,
Michael Meissner, Michael Doggett, Urs Kanus, Johannes Hirche and Wolfgang Strasser,
Proceedings of the second Workshop on Volume Graphics, Stony Brook, NY, USA, June 2001
Adaptively Displacement Mapped HeadDonut Displacement Mapped Teapot Adaptive View Dependent Tessellation of Displacement Maps,
Michael Doggett and Johannes Hirche,
Eurographics/SIGGRAPH workshop on graphics hardware, September 2000
Displacement Mapping Rendering Hardware using Adaptive Tessellation,
Michael Doggett and Johannes Hirche,
Presented at ACM SIGGRAPH 2000 as a Technical Sketch, July 2000
A ray queueing and sorting design for Real Time Ray Casting,
Michael Doggett,
In IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, May 2000
A Low-Cost Memory Architecture for Volume Rendering,
Michael Doggett, Michael Meissner, and Urs Kanus,
In Proceedings of Eurographics/SIGGRAPH workshop on graphics hardware, August 1999
A hardware architecture for video rate smooth shading of volume data,
Michael Doggett and Graham Hellestrand,
Computers and Graphics, Volume 19, Number 5, pages 695-704, 1995


Book cover Displacement Mapping and Volume Rendering Graphics Hardware
Michael Doggett, 2002


Real-Time Realistic Rendering
Department of Computer Science, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, March 30, 2011
ATI Radeon 4800 series Graphics
MIT Computer Graphics Lab, Boston, USA, November 12, 2008
Radeon GPU Architecture and the Radeon 4800 series
Graphicon 2008 Invited Talk, Moscow, Russia, June 27, 2008
Challenges for GPU Architecture
Symposium on Computing Systems and Technologies, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, April 2, 2008
Xbox 360 GPU and Radeon HD 2900
University of Missouri-Rolla, Missouri, USA, October 29, 2007
Radeon HD 2900, Slides and Block Diagram
CSAIL, MIT, Boston, USA, October 3, 2007
RadeonHD2900 and Geometry Generation
University of Santiago, Spain, September 11, 2007
Radeon HD 2900
Graphics Hardware Hot3D Talk, San Diego, California, USA, August 5, 2007
GPU Architecture
MIT Computer Graphics Lab, Boston, USA, July 14, 2006
sigrad logo Recent Advances and Future Trends in Graphics Hardware
SIGRAD'05 Keynote, November 23, 2005
unc logo Xenos: XBOX360 GPU
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, November 14, 2005
xenos topXenos: XBOX360 GPU
Microsoft developer day, X05 Toronto, Canada, October, 2005
EG2005 logo Xenos: XBOX360 GPU
Industrial Seminar, New console architectures, Eurographics, Dublin, Ireland, September, 2005
siggraph2005 logo Architecting the Future
Exhibitor Tech Talk, August 2, SIGGRAPH 2005
GP2Logo Panel: GPUs and CPUs: The Uneasy Alliance?
ACM Workshop on General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processors, , Los Angeles, August 7-8, 2004
GDC2003Logo Displacement Mapping
Game Developers Conference 2003


Cache Two level cache memory architecture
Stephen Morein and Michael Doggett
Patent Number 7,336,284, Issued February 26, 2008
System and method for determining illumination of a pixel by shadow planes
Stephen Morein, Larry Seiler, Michael Doggett and Jocelyn Houle
Patent Application Number 20060202941
Patent Number 7,924,281, Issued April 12, 2011
Method and apparatus for angular invariant texture level of detail generation
Konstantine Iourcha and Michael Doggett
Patent Application Number 20100245374
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