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Per defended his thesis titled, "Faster data structures and graphics hardware techniques for high performance rendering". You can download a copy of the PhD from here.[more]

Mike Doggett got a VR grant and is looking for a new PhD student


Modern computing systems are based on heterogeneous processing systems and efficient utilisation of these systems for real-time rendering is an increasingly challenging task. This position will perform research into these areas....


LUCAS-day 2014 as part of the grand opening of Mobile Heights Center. Full program available![more]

Graphics@cs 2013-11-21

Motivation: For any device, render optimal visual quality while maintaining a fixed performance set point.[more]

Graphics@cs 2013-10-17

Poster by: Per Ganestam and Michael Doggett[more]

Graphics@cs 2012-06-01

Poster by: Per Ganestam and Michael Doggett    [more]