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Roger Henriksson


Phone: +46 46 222 96 35

Visiting address

Rum E:2185
Ole Römers väg 3
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Postal address
Box 118, SE-221 00 Lund



Associate Professor,
Vice Head of Department


Memory management is a growing problem in industry as applications grow in size and complexity, especially as the Java programming language and object orientation in general get more and more used in real-time systems. The need for garbage collectors with guaranteed short response times that can be used in hard real-time applications is increasing.

My research is focused on finding techniques to schedule the work of garbage collectors in such a way that they inflict minimal disturbance to the time-critical parts of the real-time application.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science in September 1998.  My Ph.D thesis was titled Scheduling Garbage Collection in Embedded Systems. Follow the link to the left for information about the thesis and how to obtain a copy.

The thesis work has since been the basis for the real-time garbage collector used in the Sun Java Real-Time System.

I am a member of the Software Development Environments Group whose research is focused on object-oriented programming languages, incremental techniques, and construction of software development environments in a broad sense.


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