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EDAF05 Algorithms, data structures, and complexity

  • To take the exam,  you need to be registered in the course, and the exam is oral. Contact Jonas for a link to book a time (as of May 24, the latest available time is on June 1).
  • Important Swedish word: nivå means level. In the playlists (starting with lecture 3) each video has a nivå. If you aim at grade 5 at the exam, be sure to understand all sections in the book mentioned in a video title, but if your goal is a 4, study sections at levels 3 and 4, and if you are happy with grade 3, it is sufficient to study sections mentioned in video titles with nivå 3.
  • Video by Patrik Persson about how to login to meeting app Zoom from as a student.
  • Course start video in Swedish
  • Jonas' zoom id at the university
  • The course will be given online. No physical lectures, labs or office hours. I will upload video clips.
  • You can sign up for a lab group now. Please do it at the same time as your planned lab partner.
  • New in the course 2020 is a lecture on linear and linear integer programming.
  • If you consider taking the course EDAF15 Algorithm Implementation, I can inform you that the lab series has a new theme: implementing a basic integer linear programming program in C. 
  • Introduction to UNIX terminals.
  • At the exam you are allowed to bring one book on algorithms and four A4 papers (8 pages) with any handwritten (by yourself) notes you want. You are of course allowed to make any notes you wish in your book.


There are two alternative textbooks:



Course lecturer:

Jonas Skeppstedt

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