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EDAF05 Algorithms, data structures, and complexity



  • Timing for the competition is done as follows. First your program is compiled. Then timing starts. Your program is given each input file as and the output from System.out is saved in a file. When all input files have been used, the timing is stopped. After that the correctness of the output is checked.
  • There is now a high score list for STABLEMARRIAGE here. There is a maximum execution time of 60 s. One input set with parameters WORST and N=3000 is included. The execution time is the sum of running all tests but not checking them. HAVE FUN! Here are and huge.correct.
  • The slides from extra lecture on the Unix terminal is here.


There are two alternative textbooks:

  • Kleinberg/Tardos: Algorithm Design 1st (from 2005/2006) or 2nd edition (I am not sure when 2nd edition will be available). Here is a link to adlibris. 1st edition is 823 pages of which about 530 are for this course and the rest for EDAN55 which no longer is offered. ISBN10: 0321372913, ISBN13: 9780321372918 (paperback) and ISBN10: 0321295358, ISBN13: 9780321295354 (hard copy)
  • Skeppstedt: Algorithms: a concise introduction. This book was written for this course. It is 148 pages. It is only available from Amazon and the book's site is here (the link to amazon is to the German site which offers free shipping to Sweden when amount exceeds what seems to be two copies or more).

For the exam you are allowed to bring books but no electronic devices.


Course lecturer:

Jonas Skeppstedt

Assistants 2018:

Alexander Hansson

Måns Magnusson

Alfred Åkesson

Lars Åström

Kursombud 2018:





Omfattning: 5 hp

Kursperiod: VT 2018

Obligatorisk för: D2

Valfri för: E3, F3

Course responsible: 
Jonas Skeppstedt

e-post:  but please don’t send me email. Talk to me instead at my office hours 12.30 - 13.00 every weekday in LP1 and LP4. My office is in E-building, room E:2190.

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