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Patrik Persson

I'm a lecturer (universitetsadjunkt, ETP) of computer science, teaching the following courses. (On occasion, I turn up in other courses too.)

winter 2019–20 EDAA55 Programming, First Course (C/E/I/Pi)
Matlab section: coordinator and lecturer
spring 2020 EDAA50/EDAA55 Programming, First Course (BME/F/N)
course coordinator and lecturer
summer 2020 EDAA01 Programming, Second Course
coordinating summer studies (with Anna Axelsson)
fall 2020 EDAP10 Concurrent Programming
course coordinator and lecturer

Students are welcome to drop by my office with questions. To schedule a meeting, e-mail me.


Before returning to Lund University, I worked in industry for well over a decade, as a software engineer, applied researcher, and course instructor. I've developed software for mobile phones, real-time operating systems, safety-critical control systems, and web browsers. I have worked with Ericsson Research, ABB Automation, Enea Realtime, and Bombardier Transportation.

I have a licentiate degree in computer science (Lund), as well as master's degrees in computer science & engineering (Lund,, history (Lund, fil.mag), and history of science & ideas (Umeå, fil.master).

Research interests (when time permits)

I'm interested in the history of science and technology, including perspectives offered by cultural history. I'm particularly fascinated by visions of the future, as expressed in, say, Swedish 1970s and 1980s debates on computers in society.

Office phone:
+46 46 222 80 70
E:2187, building E
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