Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Research groups


Combinatorial optimisation.

Professor Thore Husfeldt

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics for mobile devices. Algorithms for ray tracing, GPU architectures, graphics hardware, rasterization algorithms, shading languages, collision detection.

Professor Tomas Akenine-Möller
Associate Professor Michael Doggett

Embedded Systems Design

Embedded computer systems. Hardware/software co-design. Constraint programming. Dataflow programming. The JaCoP constraint programming library. The CAL actor language.

Professor Krzysztof Kuchcinski
Associate Professor Jörn Janneck

Robotics and Semantic Systems

Robotics and automation software. Artificial intelligence. Autonomous agents. Natural language processing. Semantic parsers.

Associate Professor Klas Nilsson (robotics lab)
Professor Jacek Malec (ai)
Professor Pierre Nugues (nlp)

Software Development and Environments

Object-oriented programming and design. Development tools. Agile methods. Pervasive systems. Internet of things. Mobile health care applications. Metacompilation. Domain-specific languages. The Palcom pervasive middleware. The JastAdd metacompiler. ExtendJ - the JastAdd extensible Java compiler.

Professor Görel Hedin
Senior Professor Boris Magnusson

Software Engineering

Empirical software engineering. Requirements engineering, verification & validation, software process quality, system safety, software management. The digital society.

Professor Per Runeson
Professor Björn Regnell
Professor Martin Höst