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Functional Programming

Course News VT23:

1.4.2023: The site is updated. Please let me (JM) know about any issues.


This course has common lectures together with EDAF95 Basics of Functional Programming.

The course consists of lectures (optional), three programming assignments (mandatory) and classes (optional). The schema will follow the one available in timeedit, i.e., fourteen meetings, mostly on Mondays and Wednesdays, 13-15.


IMPORTANT! I sincerely expect that the following reminder is not necessary: the department has defined a policy against plagiarism of any kind, in particular in case of the course work. You may find it following these links: Samarbete eller fusk (in Swedish) and Cooperation or Plagiarism (in English).


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31.5.2019 There is an error in the answer to question 5b in 2018 EDAN40 exam (Ord [a]). Sorry for that. The resulting order is not lexicographic. Sorry.

20.10.2015: Some serious press writes about Haskell usage. And another functional programming goodie from the same source.

1.10.2013: A fresh view on Haskell. Enjoy.

1.10.2013: Please note that during the exam you will be given a "cheat sheet" with some Prelude functions, probably all the functions you would need during the exam (maybe except bind:-).

18.12.2011: Some of you have asked about utility of Haskell in "real life". I have just received a link (thanks Christoffer!) to an interesting press release, with, among others, the following piece:

“We are one of the first companies in the world to base our whole product on Haskell. Today Haskell is mainly used for limited applications such as in algorithms developed by Wall Street banks and for US government top security storage, applications where reliability is key. We chose Haskell because we see quality as a top priority. By choosing Haskell, a mathematical language with a steep learning curve, we were hoping to attract the best technical people from around the globe.”, says Lukas Duczko, CEO and founder of Scrive.

The complete announcement.

(N.B. in October 2015 the company still exists and seems to thrive.)

3.11.2011: I have been asked about debugging in Haskell. Probably a good starting point for finding more info is

Course facts

Credits: 7,5 hp

Course code: EDAN40

Study period: VT2 2023

Schedule: EDAN40 

Course responsible: Jacek Malec

Course assistants: Noric Couderc, Alexandru Dura, SImon Kristoffersson Lind

Student representatives: 


Formal course description from KA: EDAN40 in Swedish, EDAN40 in English.

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