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EASE goes RE14 with Requirements Engineering and Testing Workshop


EASE sponsors Requirements Engineering and Testing Workshop at RE14 August 25-29 in Karlskrona.

The objective of RET is to explore the interaction of Requirements Engineering (RE) and Testing, in research and industry, and the challenges that result from this interaction. While much work has been done in the respective fields of requirements engineering and testing, there exists much more than can be done to understand the connection between RE and testing processes. We hope RET will provide a much needed forum for exchanging ideas and best practices for aligning RE and testing, and in particular can help foster industry-academia collaboration on this topic. Accordingly, we have planned to invite an industry keynote and conduct an interactive session to map the research area, along with traditional presentations of accepted papers.

Keynote Magnus Ohlsson: THE AGILE HANGOVER – Handling testable agile requirements


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