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Extra CS MSc Day June 8 Schedule!


One MSc thesis to be presented on June 8, 2018.

June 8 is an extra day for master thesis presentations in Computer Science at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering. One MSc theses will be presented.

The presentation will take place in the E-house, room E:4130. A preliminary schedule follows.

Note to potential opponents: Register as opponent to the presentation of your choice by sending an email to the examiner for that presentation ( Do not forget to specify the presentation you register for! Note that the number of opponents may be limited (often to two), so you might be forced to choose another presentation if you register too late. Registrations are individual, just as the oppositions are! More instructions are found on this page.


E:4130 (LUCAS)


PRESENTERIsabella Gagner
TITLEInventory of Robotic Skills in the Knowledge Integration Framework Knowledge Base
EXAMINERElin Anna Topp

By using knowledge based robotics, the complexity of the tasks of AI robots can be enhanced. However, the knowledge base used with the AI robots at LTH is hard to understand and fully grasp for a human user. It lacks functions to, for example, sorting out certain information about what the knowledge base consists of.

The goal of this thesis is to present the theory behind the knowledge base and start the development of a program dedicated to facilitate human interaction with the knowledge base and its contents.

The developed program queries the knowledge base and all its data, sorts out the required information and displays it in a browser.

Even though the developed program could be useful as is, it has a lot of potential and would benefit from more functionality added to it, such as a user interface to simplify entering required information or a graphical presentation of the contents.