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Project in Computer Science - EDAN70 and EDAN90

VT2021 News!

Due to corona virus situation all the education will be held on-line. The first meeting will be held on Monday, March 22nd, using Zoom tool:

TOPIC: EDAN70 intro meeting

WHEN: Mar 22, 2021 15:00 Stockholm

WHERE: LU Zoom meeting:


The LP4 version of the course is usually devoted to various aspects of AI. Please join us on Monday to listen to our project proposals or come (electronically) with your own suggestion. Registration issues will be taken care of individually after the meeting. In case of doubts or questions contact Jacek Malec.



Triannual - different content

The course is currently given in three instances each year (LP1, LP2 and LP4). At each course instance, projects within specific areas are offered.

PLEASE NOTE: During LP3 we are only offering projects after previous agreement with one of the lecturers in our advanced courses. 

The instance LP1 2020/21 (Sep-Oct 2020) will offer course projects within the following areas:

  • Project in Embedded Systems. Prerequisites: EDAN15

The instance LP2 2020/21 (Nov-Dec 2020) will offer course projects within the following areas:

The instance LP4 2020/21 (Mar-Jun 2021) will offer course projects within the following areas:

EDAN90: Advanced project in computer science

EDAN90 is similar to EDAN70, but has higher requirements on the oral presentation and written report, to follow academic standards within the subarea. To take EDAN90, you need to first have completed EDAN70. EDAN90 offers projects in the same areas as EDAN70.

Formal course plan in English and in Swedish.

Course facts

Credits: 7.5 hp, Advanced level

Study periods: HT1, HT2 and VT2


Elective for:
D4, C4, E4, F4, Pi4

Course responsible:


Student representatives: TBA

Formal course plan EDAN70: In English and på svenska

Formal course plan EDAN90: In English and på svenska.