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CS MSc Thesis Presentation 19 February 2024

Tid: 2024-02-19 16:15 till 2024-02-23 17:00 Föreläsning

One Computer Science MSc thesis to be presented on 19 February

Monday, 19 February there will be a master thesis presentation in Computer Science at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering.

The presentation will take place in E:2116.

Note to potential opponents: Register as an opponent to the presentation of your choice by sending an email to the examiner for that presentation (firstname.lastname@cs.lth.se. Do not forget to specify the presentation you register for! Note that the number of opponents may be limited (often to two), so you might be forced to choose another presentation if you register too late. Registrations are individual, just as the oppositions are! More instructions are found on this page.)

16:15-17:00 in E:2116

Presenters: Alfred Langerbeck, Love Sjelvgren 
Title: Improving feature discoverability in continuously deployed software products
Examiner: Per Andersson
Supervisors: Lars Bendix (LTH), Carl Serrander (Schneider Electrics), Åsa Nilsson (Scheider Electrics)

As software companies increasingly adopt methods for continuously integrating and deploying their products, it is relevant to consider which problems can arise as a result of these developments methodologies. Because of their choice of development methodology, Schneider Electric has theorized that their users miss the frequent and small updates that are deployed continuously in one of their software products. The primary aim of the thesis is to explore if feature discoverability suffers when working with rapid and small releases. The second goal is to investigate a possible way or guidelines for automating information regarding what features have been released and how they affect the user. Finally, the thesis proposes a way that generated information about features can be displayed to the user in a non-intrusive way. Designing a solution around these goals seeks to reduce release problems when working with small and frequent releases, such as in Continuous deployment.

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Tid: 2024-02-19 16:15 till 2024-02-23 17:00


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